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KSA:  Al Bassam Tower 7th Floor Office #: 73 & 74 Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

UAE: Dubai Investment Park 2 Dubai
United Arab Emirates P.O. Box: 214270; Dubai; U.A.E.

Products overview


We manufacture a wide range of medium to large sized Air Cooled Condensing units. Very Long life, combined with ultra high quality finish, ensure many years of reliable service with very little maintenance.

35 to 110kW in the above format in R404a, R134a, R410a, R407c, R1234 and other refrigerants on request.

Units generally in stock, available ex works.


We mass produce a rangeof Process Chilers from 35 to 1,100kW @ 56Deg.C Condensing as standard. Our Process chillers come with a Hot/Cold mixing tank (Buffer Tank) with Primary and Secondary pumps pre installed.

All of our chillers go through a rigourous Commissioning and Run Testing on Full load conditions at our factory before being dispatched. 

This ensures smooth trouble free, simple commissioning and installation on site. As close as you can get to plug and play for this type of Chiller.


We also mass produce a range of HVAC Chillers from 35 to 1,800kW @ 56Deg.C as standard.

Our HVAC Chillers go through the same rigorous testing and commissioning as our Process Chillers.

All Chillers are available with a choice of Controller, Carel, Dixel, SIEMENS or Allen Bradley.


We manufacture a wide range of Air and Water Cooled Reverse Cycle Heat Pumps for multiple applications.

The above units were manufactured for a local company and installed at EMAAR Properties here in Dubai.

From 25 to 220kW as Standard, and all others on request, by design, available in all refrigerants including Ammonia.


We manufacture Refrigeration Rack Systems to the highest standards, all our Pressure Vessels are PED or ASME Certified.

The above systems are 2 No. Packaged units, each with 2 No. Bitzer 85 series semi hermetic compressors.

Full SIEMENS PLC control, SIEMENS HMI, SIEMENS VFD's for all compressors and Condenser fans. Supplied with full SCADA also.


We manufacture a very wide range of Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration systems and Packages including Process Chillers.

We can design, Engineer and Build you a bespoke package to the very highest of standards and quality in our specially build facility.

We can make multi compressor packages with Single Stage, Compound and Booster Screw Compressors.

Quality service

is our aim

Featured products

We are an ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified company. We take Quality VERY seriously, and only the best ever ships from our factory.

We deliver our products directly to you, anywhere in the world, on time, every time.


Warranty with us is generally 24 months on anything we manufacture, however, we offer extended warranty packages for some of our discerning customers that wish to fix their costs.

All orders are treated with equal care and value, regardless of size of order. Be sure that even the smallest orders matter very much to us.

Most popular


Our Ammonia (NH3) Pacakges and Chillers are very popular due to their very long life, very low maintenance costs and their extreme reliability. Available in industry leading delivery times, our packages are leading edge, technologically advanced units, with exceptionally good payback and ROI figures.


We are specialists in the manufacture of Extremely Reliable efficient Process Chillers. we also manufacture Hot Cold Mixing tanks to help deal with very big temperature differences between the return and outlet temperature, allowing us to handle very high return water temperatures. We alos manufacture very nice high spec  Pump Stations.

We also specialise in manufacturing very high quality, reliable Condensing units, typically larger than 30kW and up to 800kW. We can offer Scroll, Semi Hermetic recip, Screw and Centrifugal compressors. We can make them for very low noise requirements, almost so you cant hear them.